Monday, 17 December 2007

Santa's World

The holidays are coming and I will soon be driving to Le Grande Bornand, near Annecy with my family. My children, age two and three are looking forward to seeing their grand parents and Santa in France. However, my daughter who is older than my son by thirteen months has, already, asked some difficult questions about Santa: when does he visit, what will he say and how does he get here? I am waiting for harder questions to follow and I have resorted to the google earth blog for a little help, to find out how Santa gets to France.

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Ganhame said...

Remember we'll jeest be doon the road a wee bit. Oor clan will be singing & flinging and bringing the bells in 'chez Gill', Thones.

Looking forward to seeing you all over the festive :)

Gill, Imogen & Lachlan